What’s at the bottom of the garden?

We are going to be exploring our garden this term to discover what minibeasts we can find and what we can discover about them. Where do they live? What do they eat? How do they move? What questions could you try to solve?

Part 1

Part 2


What is the same and what is different about them? Let’s explore and find out more! Can you sort the minibeast here?



Make your own minibeast using this game.minibeast



Phase 1


Phase 2


Tricky Words


Whole School Book

Eric, a foreign exchange student comes to stay, he finds lots of things fascinating. However the family were unsure of whether or not he was happy? What makes you happy? What do you find fascinating? What questions could you ask? How would you feel if you had to leave your home and family? Can you think of another character we have been learning about that may have felt this way?



Article 17

You have the right to get information that is important to your well-being, from radio, newspaper, books, computers and other sources. Adults should make sure that the information you are getting is not harmful, and help you find and understand the information you need.

In Nursery we have been exploring a story and learning a song to help us to remember to keep safe on the internet. Find out more here!

STORY The-Adventures-of-Smartie-the-Penguin STORY

So what are the rules? Find out here!


Lets all be safe on the internet!

Paddington was a refugee….

Paddington travels from Peru to London to start a new life.

In nursery we will be thinking abut how he would have felt!

Also we will be thinking about the importance of family and the fat that families come in many shapes and sizes. What is special about your family?

This week we will be focusing on Rights of a child, we will be learning about some of those rights and making our own class charter. On Tuesday we will look forward to parents and carers visiting and supporting our learning in this area.

Find out more here!

Lets learn a song!


The Three Little Pigs

Article 6
You have the right to be alive.

Article 27
You have the right to food, clothing, a safe
place to live and to have your basic needs met.
You should not be disadvantaged so that you
can’t do many of the things other kids can do.

Article 37
No one is allowed to punish
you in a cruel or harmful way.

This week we are focusing on the ‘Three Little Pigs’. We will be focusing on different versions. What is your favourite & why? We will also relate these stories to UNICEF rights of the child!

Make your own story here.


Let’s explore rhythm and rhyme! Our favourite song this week is

How about listening and joining in with this traditional tale with music, rhythm and rhyme?

Can you make your own sound effects for the story?

What rhyming words can you hear in this version?

Play these rhyming games here!

gooseydub cubsrhyme time

Can you find words that rhyme with your name?

Can you find words that rhyme with your family members names?


Explore these shape games

BezierCircleFigure3 Easy

Triangle A Little Harder

square A real challenge

The Three Little Pigs make houses. What would be a good material to use on the roof of their house?




Not Now Bernard!

Listen to the story here….

We thought about ‘Article 12- Children have the right to be listened to.

Were Bernard’s rights being respected? How do you know?

Poor Bernard nobody listened to him, how does that make you feel? What part of the story do you like and why? What do you do if your family does not listen to you?

Nursery children explored making monsters.

They acted out the story.

They wrote about their favourite parts of the story.

We also explored another family story ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’. Was Baby Bear  listened to? Were his rights being respected? How do you know?

Sing this song


Read this interactive story here


In RE & SEAL we will be thinking about making goals, completing goals and what a New Year resolution is. Watch this film clip!

What goals would you like to achieve this year?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

At Nursery we will be exploring the festival of Christmas. Watch the Nativity story here which shows the first Christmas.

Learn this song

The Three Kings brought presents and Christians believe that God gave his only son as a present to the world.  So presents are given at Christmas to celebrate these gifts. Give Teddy some presents, make sure you count them properly!


Santa brings presents, his reindeer pull the sleigh. Compose your own music by pressing their noses.


Decorate your own Christmas tree.


Play this fun snowball game


Develop your own attention & listening skills with this game!

santa pres

Sing these Nursery Christmas Favourites

Who built the Ark?

Watch the story

Who is the main character?

Why does Noah build an ark?

How did the animals walk onto the ark?

Why was the rainbow sent?

How do you feel in a storm?

Could there ever be a flood in London now?

If you had super human powers, how would you solve the problem?

Was sending the flood a good or bad idea?

Philosophy for Children

Noah took the animals onto the ark because they were important to him and to God. What is important to you, what would you take onto the ark?


We will be making comparisons between items, especially relating to capacity.



If you were to build an ark, what materials would you build it from? Let’s investigate?

Play this game

Image result for eduplace float and sink

Can you make a boat that floats?

Vocabulary Work

Anti Bullying Week

This week the whole school will be making a stand about bullying with the theme ‘All different, all equal’. On Friday everyone will be allowed to wear blue to school to raise funds to prevent bullying. Aiming to empower all children to stand together and say whether bullying is happening to them or to speak out if it is happening to someone else whether that’s face to face or online.

Article 19 UNICEF Rights of the Child states that Governments must do all they can to protect children from all forms of violence.

In Nursery we will be exploring kind and unkind behaviour and the importance of using kind hands and kind words. We will also explore what is the right thing to do. We will be thinking about how we can look after others whilst having strategies that help us speak out about something we don’t like.

In Nursery this week ‘The Baddies’ are being bullies and have captured our superheroes, some have been tied up and some have been imprisoned! I wonder what the nursery children could do to stop them from  being unkind in our classroom! Let’s stop bullying together!



Can you think of ways to solve these problems?

What would you do if someone teased you? Or was unkind to you? What about if you saw someone being unkind to someone else?

#ChooseKindness top tips

Choosing kindness doesn’t cost anything but can help someone enormously. We all have choices to make, do you #choosekindness?

  • Choose kindness, as you never know what someone else is going through
  •  Saying something nice can bring a smile to someone’s face
  •  Acts of kindness will never come back to hurt you and is never wasted on someone
  •  Being mean and hurting others can hurt someone very deeply, think twice about what you say or do
  •  Acts of kindness are good for you- they release oxytocin which lowers our blood pressure
  •  Being kind can help others feel happy and confident


You have the right to feel safe, who could you go to if you do not feel safe?

Remember, you have the right to say ‘no’ if someone asks you to do something silly or unkind!

If you have any problems and feel you would like more information visit this website!



The World & P4C

We will also be looking at the sky this week, try and answer this philosophical question!